This my Now page. These are things I am interested in

This page is a work in progress, but here is a short list

  • Guitars - I don't play nearly enough, but I will always love guitars. Fender Telecaster and Jaguar through a 1963/4 Vox AC30 and Marshall JTM 30.
  • Creating my own website - I want to have a presence on the web (it is 2020, you know...), but I didn't want to rely on a website builder or Wordpress, and I'm keen on keeping it static, resource friendly (so I can maybe move to self hosting) and low maintenance; I've learned the absolute minimum HTML and CSS to get something started, and I want to learn some more chops as I go.

    It's very slow going, as I really need to focus on WHAT is on the site, rather than how it looks.I have got another domain that I want to use for a professional/CV type site, and I might use a static site generator just to make it look a bit prettier. I had considered Jekyll or Hugo, then I found out about ssg by Roman Zolotarev, which I'm working out/on at the moment.

  • Learning to use OpenBSD for my computing needs. Currently have it installed on a couple of laptops. My aim is to do as much as possible with the base system, avoiding the temptation to install lots of packages that I won't use! I've moved away from Suckless packages (ST for terminal, DMenu, DWM for window manager), now I've got a grip of base install. Currently getting along quite well with CWM for window manager, xterm, tmux, chromium and vi/vim. I'm not going to pretend it's easy (for a non-developer like me), but it has completely changed how I think about and use the computer. I want to move my hosting package ofd debian and on to OBSD, but I do need to practice a little first on my test machine.

  • Running - Started the year OK, but currently not doing too well...

  • Alcohol Free - Between 1st January and 4th April, was Alcohol Free (AF).The experiement went well, really helped to re-set my relationship with alcohol. I might write a bit more on this later.

  • Diet - Followed a Vegetarian way of eating in March, as an experiement. Previously I'd been a regular meat eater, so wanted to see what difference it made. Didn't really miss meat that much; towards the end of the month, I had a real urge for Liver & Onions! I took that as a sign from my body that it needed meat. Like with the "AF" expereriment, it really helped re-set my taste buds.I have been reading a book by Dallas Hartwig "The 4 Season Solution"; he suggests that we should eat differently as the seasons progress (simple really, seasonal diet based on whatever is growing locally), and this is closer to how I ate before the Veggie experiment.

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